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About Us

Move Me Boutique was born out of my long love affair with dance.

I began dancing at age 3 in a studio in Illinois and never stopped. I loved it all, tap, jazz, ballet, all of it. Competitions, recitals ...all part of my life (naturally my parents life too). Throughout my dance life I fell in love with different types of dance but always had dance in my life. I performed in companies up until I had my first daughter , passing along the love of movement to both daughters ( gymnast and dancer). 
My next move was to return to another love, photography; and capture moments in dancers lives that are so precious, mundane, exciting and tedious all at the same time. 
Now enters the Boutique.. Through dance and dance photography I was made aware of an opportunity to open a dance boutique and somewhere in my subconscious I knew immediately I would do it. Just as I suspected , being around dance through my daughter, dance photography, and now the boutique is such a blessing. I absolutely love that people come into the store and talk about everything Dance; their first ballet shoes, upcoming performances or auditions, injuries, struggles in classes, successes, I love all of it and feel so honored to have these chats with people. It’s like the local barbershop or hair salon...a place to come and connect to others in the community. 
I enjoy carefully selecting the pieces for the boutique, making sure to include fashionable, unique, current items as well as those staples every dancer must have . 
So, Move Me Boutique is much more than a retail dance/activewear store. It’s a Media center, fitting salon, conversation haven, on-trend fashion boutique and yes, dance store . 

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